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Pitching for a contract is like lining up a second date

8 July 2020

Think back to the best date you’ve ever been on. What made it so memorable and what did you do on that date that bagged you a second one? Consider these two scenarios:

Date Scenario A

You spent the whole date trying hard to impress them, rattled-on about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your career, your family, your holidays, and everything you’ve ever done in your life…for the whole date. You looked at your watch and realised how late it was and used that as a barometer to assume that the date went really well. You were pretty pleased with yourself and couldn’t wait to go out again.


Date Scenario B

You spent most of the date asking questions, listening, and waiting until your date asked you a question in return. You really got to know your date, showed a genuine interest in their life, and gained valuable insight into what they’re passionate about, their plans for the future, and what they’re looking for in a partner. You focussed on them, gave them your full attention, and made them feel important.

Which scenario do you think resulted in the second date?

It’s not all about you

A pitch is mainly about the client and not all about you. so why spend so much of the discussion talking about yourself?

You want them to know that you understand their issues, their challenges, their objectives. THEN you can talk through why you’re there, what you can do to solve those challenges and your experiences that make you the right person/team to do it.


You’re on a date with your target client

Every pitch you go on is like a date. Yes, you’re trying to impress them, but you do this by striking a balance between focusing on them first and re-affirming points about yourself second. It’s not all about you. Don’t end up with Date Scenario A…you’ll lose the client of your dreams!

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