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Mozer is a responsible business, and we take responsibility for how we operate, serve our clients, work within our communities, and impact our environment. It is important to our Directors, employees, partners, and Associates that we do as much as we can to create a sustainable world built upon resilient communities and guided by health and wellbeing, environmental impact, and equal opportunities for everyone.

Whilst we are building a long-term sustainable business, we also offer our clients Social Value support in their response to bids, tenders, and pitches to support them in achieving their social and environmental commitments to their businesses, clients and communities.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is defined by three main areas: environmental impacts of businesses, societal impacts of businesses, and the governance of business activities. The processes and procedures related to ESG are based on risk assessment and mitigating negative impacts that public bodies and private businesses have identified. These indicators help companies to conduct responsible investment and become sustainable and responsible employers and operators, measuring their impact on society and the environment, as well as other corporate governance factors.


There has been a shift in the climate change emergency, with natural resources depleting and carbon emissions at the central focus of discussion. This has led to a change within businesses on how they conduct their work practices by implementing sustainable resources and tracking their carbon footprint. Example practices are:

  • Procedures in businesses contributing to climate change
  • The impact of climate change on communities and on the businesses
  • Net zero Carbon
  • Sustainable resources
  • Waste removal
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Biodiversity


Diversity, inclusion, and equality is a focal point for businesses who are tackling both gender and social inequalities, with an emphasis on the importance of how businesses manage their relationships with employees, suppliers, consumers, and the communities they operate in. Inclusive and diverse work ethics and practices are valuable to companies who are looking to increase commercial benefits as well as measure societal impact of their business. Example practices are:

  • Equality and diversity in the workforce
  • Health, safety, and well-being
  • Responsible employment practices
  • Social impact
  • Human rights and modern slavery


Governance outlines the responsibilities in relation to the management of a company and the procurement of supply chain services. This includes the structure of the company, the corporate values and accountability processes throughout the business. Example practices are:

  • Responsible investment
  • Ethics / Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Management structure
  • Employee relations
  • Codes of conduct
  • Supply Chain Management

Mozer’s ESG commitments

Mozer commits to the following ESG principles and will review them every twelve months to make sure they meet the needs of all stakeholders involved within the business, both internally and externally:

Legal obligations and complianceComply with UK legal obligations of a business and compliance requirements, including but not limited to: HMRC, employment law obligations, health and safety legal obligations, insurance legal objections, data protection compliance and corporate governance policies.
InvestmentTake a responsible approach to investment, whilst recognising the potential impact of the business on the environment, communities, society, our employees, and clients. This includes recognising the impact our clients have on the environment, communities, and society.
RisksMitigate risks and negative impact of our work.
Human rightsBe mindful and respectful towards human rights, ensuring there is no exploitation of workers and child labour.
Bribery / corruptionBe transparent in our work, guaranteeing no bribery or corruption is present.
Equality and diversityAdopt equality and diversity within our work and employment practices. This includes being non-discriminatory (in relation to age, gender, sex, race, disability, religion, and sexual orientation).
EnvironmentPromote responsible and sustainable approaches to environmental issues, such as actively making green changes.
Structure and valuesGuarantee that management structures and corporate values encompass and reflect transparency, accountability, and equality in the management of our business. Always act with integrity within the business, towards our clients, and the communities we serve.
Best practiceAct in line with current standard ESG guidelines and best practice whilst actively managing the considerations above and mitigating business risks. As we grow as a business, we are look at ways to further improve our ESG principles and commit to a best code of practice.